Provisional Cairo Seminar schedule update

3, 4, 5, 6 January Monday to Thursday

11:00-18:00 workshop with Canadian choreographer Benoît Lachambre

with: Artists from AMCh Program, and HADS Program

Studio Emad Eddin

18 Emad Eddin Street, Downtown, Cairo.

Skype link with Amsterdam Theatre School, with artist Branka Zgonianin and invited guests from Dasarts Program, Artez Program
Blog exchanges from experience of the workshop, the connections with Cairo-based artists and extensions from Brussels Seminars theme of Hospitality of “La Zone” Program

5 January
Evening event: Zar Performance
Time: 9pm
At: MAKAN: 1 Saad Zaghloul Street/ Mounira, Cairo.

6 January
Arrival Jeroen Fabius, and Susan Rethorst: Attending the last day of the workshop of Benoit Lachambre with the international group of artists

7 January Friday


8 January Saturday

11:00- 13.00 reading discussions exploring the reader developed with dramaturge Ismail Fayed
First text: “Veils” – Cixous
Second text: “Orientalism”- Said

Readings guided and moderated by Sher Doruff

Skype connection with Branka Zgonjanin

Blog discussion in relation to readings in Cairo

Lunch break

19:00- 21:30 update session Branka Zgonjanin – with invited guests in Amsterdam, and in the presence of the local group in Cairo

Online Conference at Amsterdam time 18.00

9 January Sunday

11:00- 13.00 update session Adham Hafez

(For all update sessions skype connections with Amsterdam)

10 January Monday

11:00-13:30 update session Pere Faura

Lunch Break

14.30-17.00 update session with Diego Gil

11 January Tuesday

11:00-13:30 update session Gilad Zloto Ben Ari

Lunch Break

14.30-17.00 update session  Begüm Erciyas
Evening: Attending: MINIATURES Project second piece in Cairo
”Les Fleurs de Jardin”- by French Choreographer Marie Al Fajr
Presentation by: Adham Hafez and Ismail Fayed

Venue: Rawabet Theatre
Time: 8pm
Later: Party at Adham’s place


12 January  Wednesday
Departure: Susan Rethorst and Sher Doruff

Evening: Zar Performance (optional)
Or: Alexandria visit for others

Visit to Alexandria, the Alexandria Opera House, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the Greek/Roman Alexandria, ACAF Centre and attending the new Opera production of Mozart’s “Magic Flute”

Collect and share documentation on blog

B.Zgonianin public interview in 4.06 with invited guest

13 January

Reception: 2BContinued Festival
Attending / reporting first two performances

14 January Friday


Evening: Attending/ reporting second two performances

15 January Saturday

Panel/ Public discussion inviting the AMCh artists/mentors and some of HADS participants, to interview publicly and engage in a discussion with the makers of the previously presented four performances, within the 2BContinued festival

Reports of performances of previous night on blog

Branka public event in 4.06

16 January Sunday

Reports of performances of previous night on blog

Branka public event in 4.06

17 January Monday

Premiere of PsychOpera in festival – closure of festival

18 January Wednesday

PsychOpera Continues

19 January Thursday
Adham’s open studio 8/28 on past works with collaborators, discussing previous questions and future questions that are developing within the current research at AMCh and how it feeds into what comes next

Still present: Pere, Begüm – others?

Present: Claudine Dussolier, Blandine Delcroix, …

Later in January Skype session on production planning for final presentations second years with Velvet and Dave and Jeroen – date (provisional) 30, 31 May in Frascati 2 and Beeldmedia Studio

Program invites: Dr. Nihad Saliha at a certain point within the events/ workshops


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