Day One, Day Two: Benoit Lachambre’s Workshop

January 4, 2011

NOTES- Benoit Lachambre/ Workshop
Day One and Two

Looking at my colleagues dancing I realize it’s the first time I see them dancing while I know some of them for over one year now. We have not danced that way in the same studio before even if we had seen each other’s work on stage or on video before, it is not like seeing them in the same studio. I start thinking that dancing is going through faith problems, the way an old religious practice would. I start thinking it is similar to a religious problem or a religious confusion; the taboo of dancing or moving.

Please Fill in the gaps:





5-The animal body: In Benoit’s work we’re constantly meeting with the term “animal”. I wonder which body should one start with in order to reach an animal body ?

Is it merely a work with social codes and letting go with social codes? What is the degree of imbrication between breaking free from certain social codes (in relation to the body) and aesthetic representation (or aesthetic presence) that is necessary for the birth, or the rediscovery, of this animal/animality within the dancing body?



Others: Those Who Are Not You

Fetish: Something that you think it is more than what it is

Traveling: Investing in loss and in displacement

Borders: Bodies of lesser races

Dance: To think-body, to foretell movement that is yet to happen while you engage in a previous movement prophecy

Writing: Is not talking

Talking: A very physical task of impregnating space and existing in it beyond immediate bodiy parameters



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