Third day of the Amsterdam Ghost events

January 5, 2011

[Branka] I wanted to write a small feedback every day after the workshop.
Last two days I ended up without words. Today, I think,  something opened.
Today I was dancing.
Emilie said that the moment was a moment of unison for all of us.
Us in Cairo, and us in Amsterdam. We were dancing – together. When the sound disapeared because of the Skype connection I felt like music was gone. The Cairo sounds, people moving and the noise from alive Cairo streets, that was our soundscape.

There are so many layers of this whole Skype-workshop experience that is so hard to write about it. I will probably miss all of them in this particular writing.

It is so much better to share this experience with other people in the studio, then to be alone. Being alone on the first day, I felt deeply perverted, isolated and strange. The power of the group is important. Emilie called that “invisible content” of the workshop – sharing with the group and Benoit’s energy. Things that are shared in-between. These get lost on the way of Skype-translation. There is a gap between us.
And this gap sometimes gets to be bridged through sharing the experience with people who are present in Amsterdam. I guess, sometimes what we need from other people presence is rather to express then to receive. If I am alone, I am silent. I am just a computer in Cairo, sitting somewhere on the chair, waiting for someone to move me. My presence is highly objectified.
Today it was different. Because the sound was disappearing and we had to call again and again. It was annoying and not pleasant at all, but actually it helped a lot to include us in the studio in Cairo. As soon as we got more direct addressing from Benoit, we felt that we participate more. Or maybe that’s only me who felt like that. Is it when I see Benoit’s enlarged face in the laptop camera frame, talking to us, that I feel at home? Is the facing of the Other’s face actually a tool to make a communication bridge (in this situation)?

I still don’t know what is it all about. This workshop, this practice. What do we practice? But today I managed to discover what do I practice within it. I was practising “touch without touch” and discovering “what animates me”. I liked a lot this question Benoit asked yesterday: “What animates you?” It came out of the previous sentence about the animal. But then for me it turned into ANIMA – what fills you with the soul? What makes you soul-full?

Short video:


[Emilie] Impressions after the Ghost Event: Benoît Lachambre’s workshop, broadcasted in Amsterdam, 5-1-11.

3278.05 km from Cairo, I first participate with my mind. I set it up to respond to my determination to involve in the event, to be present. I try and try to connect to what is happening there. I try to connect in order to transform the Ghost; for the body of the Ghost to gain in density and intensity.

In the physical-virtual-physical translation, a weird sensation of time emerges: floating time, confusion. Would a micro time delay emphasize the distance?

There is a gap between you in Cairo and us. We miss an invisible content; we miss the energy of the group there. But one physical aspect did travel through the Skype translation; it is the incipience of the physical act. It became then up to us in Amsterdam, as a double-body, to let the source to develop among us. The contagion happened as we moved from the distribution of our weight through the feet. We shared the situation of relation to a ground that connects us. The contagion operated through common consciousness, shared focus, shared sound’s landscape, and the projection on the white wall, which metamorphosed itself. When unison happened in Cairo and in Amsterdam, the wall became to me an extended space of the studio 4.06, with in it your bodies.

You discussed about multiple notions of reality. Branka said it, we were listening carefully to the conversation. From time to time we moved, changed positions. From time to time my curiosity distracted me, I was fascinated by details we would share even though you didn’t see us (sitting in a similar way, moving at the same time, scratching head at the same time…).

I think that through the Ghost Event, we experienced strongly notion of Blind-spots. I see partially, I hear partially, I sense partially. I realise I always do.


Here is a well known story I thought of in the train taking me home:

Once upon a time, three blinds decided to discover an elephant. They went to the zoo, and, having never met any animal called elephant they tried to find how it might look like. Blind, they could only refer to their touch. One at a time, they palpated the elephant , and then gathered to discuss their discovery. The first man says: “the elephant is like a snake, long and thin. When it moves, it bends and curves.” The second man says: “No, no, you must be wrong. It is a fan. It is slim and flat. It moves the air as it waves from front to back.” The third man said: “No, no, no, you are both completely wrong! The elephant is like a column, heavily anchored in the ground, it soars up towards the sky.”




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