Broadcast of the festival “2BContinued” from Cairo to Amsterdam

January 17, 2011

At the end it was just two of us. Doron and me.

It is so important to have at least one person to share experience with. One person is a whole universe.

And to talk to someone is much different then to think in yourself.

The Other is a key to develop yourself, your own ideas, your own story – but just because the story of the Other exists next to you. Because you can look in the Other and recognize yourself or understand the difference. Thomas Lehman once wrote that nothing can burn by itself.

The life, the power of change and growth, needs the Other. Solitude, isolation, separation, embargo, sanctions, those are killing the Life.

We turned off the light and relaxed on the floor. We listed each of 6 recordings twice.

At the end we talked.

I noticed there are 3 “now”. Now in which we are listening, now in which someone in Cairo is recording his/her report, now in which the piece that is described happen. The last two, the two different pasts came together in our now. Our now is recorded and happening now for you who will watch it. 4 now. Now as many times as listened or watched. A festival of Eternity.

To hear the voice recorded is so intimate sensation. Knowing the people who were recording it was even more intimate. Each of people recording, trying to be as much objective as possible, at the same time being completely personal. All in the effort of describing, released from themselves something else. Something that was giving much more information then watching a piece.

And watching a piece – imagining it – that asked for a lot of effort. Because the voice of people talking into recorder was much stronger event. We could hear voices in the background. And I was imagining the festival atmosphere in that moment, after the show.

Pere made a change and gave voice to Dirk, unknown to us, a German guy. Dirk was more talking as we all do after the shows. He said his opinion. Actually this helped me a lot to more specific imagine the piece.

Doron and me talked about different layers of information produced by voice, language, sounds, video, etc and their combination.

We will write more about whole event. This is just a small taste of it while you are still in Cairo.



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